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There are many lessons we need to teach our kids before they leave our homes. Here are 6 Lessons we all must teach our children on a regular basis. These 6 lessons are essential in helping them to develop a healthy emotional balance in life.

  1. You are loved even when you mess up. They need to know that we love them regardless of their performance. Be careful of the subtle messages that you convey to your children about approval connected to performance. It is very easy for me to fall into this trap in my attempt to motivate my children to do their best. The tones of voice we use as well as the body language we convey sometimes speak much louder than our words. Most kids are very in tune to our non-verbal communications of disappointment in their performance.
  2. You need to understand that it is Ok to make mistakes and that you are not going to do everything well. This will allow them to try different things- including things that don’t come naturally to them.
  3. Your gifts are to be used to serve others. Cultivate within them a spirit that is outward focused. Model for your kids a generous lifestyle that is focused on the needs all around us. We are all selfish by nature and it is very easy for us to want to hoard whatever gifts we have for our own benefit. Our children will learn by our example of how we spend our time and money.
  4. Learn to be grateful in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. We all know that many things occur outside of our control. Teach your kids to be able to recognize all of the blessings they have in their life.
  5. Forgive easily. Don’t hold on to grudges. Model for your kids a lifestyle of forgiveness. They need to know that people will do hurtful things to them, but that forgiveness is a prerequisite for all healthy relationships. Help your kids to understand the power of forgiveness in all of our lives.
  6. Prioritize relationships above all else. Teach them to not pursue a lifestyle focused on acquiring more things, but one that is centered on deep relationships. Relationships require a great investment of time at the expense of other things, but it is an investment that is sure to have great returns for a lifetime.

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