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Biologically-Based Feedback Program

Is An Evidence-Based Treatment Program Without Any Side Effects To Address Mental Health & Physical Health Issues


The program is designed to teach you how to control and alter your physiological functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, breathing, attention, and other cognitive/brain functions.


The program is a unique computer-based training system that objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence — Coherence is an optimal state in which the heart, mind, and emotions are operating in sync and in balance, and the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function is in a state of harmonious coordination.


Research has shown that the power of the heart can be harnessed and directed, through training and practice, to:

  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression
  • Manage and Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Improve Sleep
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Mitigate Chronic Disease
  • Make the Lifestyle Changes Necessary for Healthy and Fulfilling Lives
  • Increase Focus and Attention
  • Promote Emotional Stability
  • Increase Impulse Control
  • Improve Test Scores and Academic Performance
  • Increase Cognitive Acuity (I.E. Short Term Memory Function)
  • Optimize Athletic Performance (1 — Promote Faster Injury and/or Muscle Recovery. 2 — Increase Frequency of Getting You “In the Zone” Within Your Chosen Sport)

MedPsych Associates is taking every precaution to make sure our patients and staff stay safe and healthy from the Coronavirus. Our practice is committed to continuing the highest level of care for all our current patients and new patients and will be utilizing a secure, HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform for all evaluations and therapy. Please contact our office via the Contact page of our website for any questions.

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