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ADHD Coaching and CogMed Working Memory Training

Neuropsychologists analyze the specific areas of cognitive, emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses in light of brain development and brain functioning


ADHD, Autism & Learning Disabilities Testing


What is ADHD Coaching?

What is Cogmed? 

Adult ADHD

Teens and ADHD

Teens and ADHD

What is Cogmed? 

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Carol Eng, MA

Carol Eng, M.A., is Master Certified Life Coach and founder of Academic and Life Coaching LLC.  She specializes in life coaching for adults and academic coaching for teens with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and has a passion for helping people grow and reach their potential in today's busy and ever-changing environment. She collaborates in a group practice of psychiatrists, therapists and nutritionists that offer comprehensive wellness and care for individuals and families. 


Carol's background is unique and diverse spanning across Corporate, Education and Mental Health fields. She has worked in Learning and Education for over 15 years in the financial services and consulting industry providing coaching and training to leaders and employees. In addition, Carol has mentored college students as part of Pesce Mentoring Institute and provided career counseling and guidance to college students. She has volunteered and taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults and facilitated workshops on effective parenting. 

Today, Carol takes a special interest in teens and adults struggling with every day challenges related to ADHD and Executive Function Disorder.  She offers a wide range of programs and services ranging from individual coaching, to seminars and workshops. She has also speaks on "The ADHD Child" and the impact of executive function disorder on academic performance to schools and parent groups. 


Carol has been an Academic and Life Coach since 2011. She is a Qualified Provider and Coach for Cogmed Working Memory Training. 

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