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Welcome to MedPsych Associates! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your/your child’s care. We know how important this decision is and we are grateful to be involved in your journey toward wellness.

Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and meeting your needs.

  • Who do I speak to about assistance with completing forms on the portal?
    See Patient Portal Instructions or email
  • I'd like my other child to be seen for therapy or psychiatry. How do I schedule this appointment?
    Please contact our Intake Coordinators, at
  • Who should I include on my Release Of Information form?
    Please include ALL doctors, specialists and therapists you see - ie. cardiologist, dermatoligist, gynocologist, neurologist, etc. MedPsych Associates seeks to provide collaborative care for the benefit of the patient. Providing all medical providers information enables a holistic team approach to treatment.
  • Why am I being asked who referred me?
    MedPsych Associates sends a personal thank-you note to all doctors and therapists who refer to our practice to show our appreciation.
  • How do I set up my Patient Portal?
    You will receive an email from to set up your account. The subject line will be “Client Portal Invitation” or “New Document Request”. The link in the email will take you to the MedPsych Portal Sign Up page to create your portal. This link expires after 7 days Email address is already filled in (the email to which the invitation was sent). Only one email address per patient can be used to set up a patient portal account Complete the following: 1. Client’s date of birth – the patient being seen at the practice 2. Mobile phone – this does not need to match our files. Use the best number to contact you for any portal issues 3. Password – create your password and keep it in a secure place 4. Confirm password Select the box to accept the Terms of Service. Click Sign Up Once you are logged in, you can see upcoming appointments and documents that have been posted to the portal for your review, completion, or signature If more than one family member is seen at the practice, you can have the portal accounts linked so you only need to log in once to view documents and appointments for all family members (primary email address on all patient records must be the same). Contact if you need your password reset (reset link expires after 24 hours)
  • How do I complete documents on the portal?
    Forms CANNOT be filled out on-line or on cell phone. Follow instructions to complete forms. Click Review & Complete or Review & Sign When the form appears on the screen, click on the white Download Original button to download the document to your computer The downloaded form will appear on the bottom of the screen, select Open when done Complete the document Click the down arrow (top right) and select with your changes or save to your computer using the “print to pdf” function. Important: close the document before uploading. Return to Therapy Portal, click Upload Completed Document or Upload & Sign Completed Document. Choose the correct file to be uploaded from your computer. Select Next. If the signature is required, you will be able to e-sign after you upload For assistance, email
  • How do I access receipts, appointments and forms on the portal?
    If at any time you need to access the portal but do not have an email link, the direct link can be used (only after the account has been set up)
  • I saw the doctor or Physician Assistant for my/my child's initial appointment. How do I schedule a follow up visit?
    Please contact our Administrative Team, at
  • I/My child need(s) a refill for medication. Who do I contact for the refill?
    Please contact our Administrative Team at To avoid delays, requests must be received at least 3-5 days before you run out of your prescription. Electronic refill requests that come from pharmacies are not accepted, so please always contact us directly when you or your child needs a prescription.
  • I’d like to leave a message for the doctor. Who do I contact?
    Please contact our Administrative Team, at
  • I need a letter from my clinician or psychiatry provider.Who do I contact?
    Psychiatry - contact Psychotherapy - contact your clinician directly
  • Who do I speak to about resetting my account password or if I did not receive an email to set up my patient account?
    Please contact our Administrative Team, at
  • When will I receive the receipts for my/my child's visit(s)?
    All appointment receipts are securely posted to your patient portal for you to print or download.You will receive an email from when they are ready. If you have not used the portal yet, you will need to set up a portal account first (see Patient Portal Instructions) Psychiatry - Receipts for appointments with physicians or physician assistant are posted within a week after each appointment. Psychotherapy - Receipts for appointment with other clinicians are posted monthly, within 1 week after the end of the month. If you need past or missing receipts, email
  • When I submitted my claim to my insurance company, it was denied because it needs a telehealth modifier. Who do I contact?
    Email us and include the dates or date range of the appointments that were denied. We will post adjusted receipts to the portal so you can re-submit to your insurance.
  • My insurance claim was denied for wrong coding (or another reason). What should I do?
    Send us the error code description (the wording used on the EOB which explains the reason the claim was denied) or email us a copy of your EOB.
  • How do I update or change my credit card information?
    Email and ask for an Updated Credit Card Authorization Form to be sent to your email.
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