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by Dr. Alexander Wright ~ Psychologist

I am grateful that you are taking the time to read this important post. More importantly, if you are grateful for the opportunity to read this post, then you are very fortunate as it is likely impacting your neural pathways in a sensational way.

Based on advancements in neuroscience, we now know that expressions of gratitude lead to a healthier and happier brain. Studies have shown that individuals who express gratitude regularly show attention improvements, increased energy levels, increased confidence and determination. Not quite done yet—studies have also shown that increasing expressions of gratitude has been associated with improved sleep and decreased anxiety and depression levels.

So, then how do we begin to increase expressions of gratitude? Well, I always think of my favorite Christmas tale authored by Charles Dickens. As the title character journeys through his past, present, and future, his spirit transforms from bitter to grateful and begins to convalesce.

Similarly, look into your past and be thankful for your early blessings in life. Be present and mindful of the many fantastic fortunes in health, family, and relationships that you may have. Finally, think to the future with humility and hope. And if you do, be sure that similar to the redeemed protagonist villain, you too shall be reborn and build pathways to a happier and healthier brain.

In Gratitude and Good Health.

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