Parenting and Anxiety

A 6 Session Comprehensive Program That Addresses Anxiety In Families


What is Family Accommodation?  

Family accommodation has been clinically reported as a barrier to pediatric anxiety treatment by virtue of being counter to the principles of CBT (these principles include, among others, encouraging children to confront feared objects or situations).

Family accommodation refers to ways in which family members accommodate patient symptoms, such as providing reassurance, allowing children to avoid feared stimuli, taking over a child’s duties, participation in rituals, and modifying family routines. Theoretically, family accommodations reinforce a patient’s symptoms, thereby increasing symptom severity and adversely affecting treatment outcome.

The Family Accommodation series is a comprehensive program that includes 6 sessions to address anxiety. Materials include curriculum content, take-home Family Accommodation Information Packet, and periphery guidance from curriculum author and designer, Alexander Wright, Psy.D.

Family Accommodation Series includes:

  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Assessment of Child Anxiety
  • Assessment of Parent Anxiety
  • Exploration of Family Dynamics – Social History
  • Goal-Setting and Evaluation of Goals
  • Review and Practice of learned skills and a post-series assessment of Family Accommodation.