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Autism Diagnostic Center

We are proud to offer autism testing at our Ramsey office location that can be completed in as little as one day of testing. Autism can be challenging to diagnose, as it can be confused with other neuropsychological conditions and masked by other mental health conditions. We believe an accurate autism diagnosis is critical and necessary for ensuring that proper therapeutic services are instituted.

Neuropsychological Testing Center

A neuropsychological assessment involves the following general components: clinical interviews, testing of several cognitive domains (i.e., attention, executive functioning, language processing, visual processing, memory, fine motor, academics), measures of social and emotional functioning, verbal feedback on the results and conclusions, and a written report. 


The assessment includes diagnosis, when applicable, and recommendations for intervention for both the short and long term. Areas of need are organized according to primary (core) and secondary (consequent) issues as well as their potential implications for learning and behavior. 

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