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“The trouble is that, as modern people, we have too much to live with and too little to live for. Some feel they have time but not enough money; others feel they have money but not enough time. But for most of us, in the midst of material plenty, we have spiritual poverty.”
― Os Guinness, The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life

Kids need to be given a purpose to their life. A purpose beyond the material. Telling kids to study hard to get good grades so they can go to a good college so they can get a good job is fine, but it falls far too short of helping them to have a meaningful life. There are many kids and adults who are going through life aimless with no direction.  They have never been taught to think about the big picture questions of life such as Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What gives life meaning? What does a well-lived life even look like?  How do I get there? There are many more questions of course but the point is that we need to guide our kids, teens and young adults to develop a meaningful purpose to their lives. Going though life without asking these questions is spiritual poverty indeed.

MedPsych Associates is taking every precaution to make sure our patients and staff stay safe and healthy from the Coronavirus. Our practice is committed to continuing the highest level of care for all our current patients and new patients and will be utilizing a secure, HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform for all evaluations and therapy. Please contact our office via the Contact page of our website for any questions.

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