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In case you were not sure and needed another person to affirm what you and every other parent already know: parenting is most likely the most difficult and challenging task you well ever undertake. It is not your imagination that this is real work.  The strong crazy emotional bond to our children makes us care a great deal about the results of our efforts. Medical school was difficult, but what happens to my sons or daughter seems to matter a great deal more than any exam I ever took. As a result, this intense love relationship makes the parenting task much more difficult than most things we have ever done whether in the academic, social, or professional sphere. Just like being in love make us do crazy stuff, loving our kids makes us not think clearly way too often.

Our emotions tend to cloud our thinking. Our emotions frequently confuse us on how we should express this love for our children. One of the challenges that make parenting so difficult is that we care so much.  We all love our children deeply; as a result we naturally want what is best for them. This makes parenting a very complicated endeavor in an increasingly complex world.

A frequent consequence is continual accommodation of many things that we know are not healthy for our kids or teens. I see this most frequently in how most parents manage the use of technology among their kids and teens.  We all want our kids to be social and have many friends and if we are willing to admit it we want them to be popular and cool.   This desire for our kids in combination with our emotions leads to a great deal of accommodation and surrender on many different things; with technology use being the most dominant. So we all need to beware of our motives and emotions in how we parent. Parenting is much more difficult than most of us ever anticipated but we all need to become much more aware of our own desires and the role they play in clouding our decision making.

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