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ADHD Diagnostic Testing

Diagnosing ADHD early and accurately is essential to ensure children receive access to life-changing therapies and support at the most critical age. Likewise, in adolescents and adults, an accurate diagnosis can mean more support, a greater understanding of oneself, and valuable insight to inform therapeutic interventions.

MedPsych ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation includes:   

  • An in-person evaluation (4 hours total) which includes: 

  • Psychiatric evaluation with the child and parent/caregiver(s)/adult

  • A comprehensive battery of specialized psychological tests. 

  • Discussion with Dr. Hanna of findings and recommendations for next steps. 

  • Comprehensive report of the evaluation results. 


Evaluation Eligibility: 

  • Children 4 years old and up, and Adults 18+, who are suspected to have ADHD 

  • Few exclusions apply. An initial screening is performed by phone.


What will be diagnosed? 

  • Our diagnostic process will evaluate for the presence or absence of ADHD. 

  • We take great care to elicit symptoms that are less obvious, or the individual is masking. 

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