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Autism Testing in New Jersey

An early diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder can be life changing. Our expert team can help you understand your diagnosis and advise on how to embark on treatment and services.

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Autism Testing in New Jersey

An early diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder can be life changing. Our expert team can help you understand your diagnosis and advise on how to embark on treatment and services.

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Autism Diagnosis with Compassion and Precision

Autism isn’t a disease, it’s simply a challenge that needs the right guidance. This is why early diagnosis is essential to ensure that children, teens, and young adults receive access to potentially life-changing therapies and support at their most critical ages. At the same time, in both adolescents and adults, an early diagnosis can mean a patient receives not only greater support, but a clearer understanding of oneself — and insights to help inform therapeutic interventions. 

Many individuals and families currently face challenges in obtaining a timely evaluation. Waiting months to a year for an initial appointment, long wait lists, and insurance red tape all result in a significant delay in diagnosis. However, with our diagnostic service, you can receive the in-person evaluation and results on the same day. 


Patient Feedback from Autism Testing

The MedPsych Autism Diagnostic Testing Approach

MedPsych Autism Diagnostic Evaluation includes: 

  • Initial online questionnaire packet to complete before the evaluation 

  • An in-person session (2-3 hours total) which includes: 

  • Clinical interview with the child and parent/caregiver(s) / adult

  • Brief physical exam (for children)

  • Discussion with the clinician of findings and recommendations for next steps 

  • Comprehensive report of the evaluation results 

Evaluation Eligibility: 

  • Children 2.5 years old and up, and Adults 18+, who are suspected to have autism 

  • Few exclusions apply. An initial screening is performed by phone.

What will be diagnosed? 

  • Our diagnostic process will evaluate for the presence or absence of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

  • We take great care to elicit symptoms that are less obvious, or the individual is masking. 

  • If the individual does not meet the full criteria for autism, but the diagnosis is still in question, you may be provided with a referral for further testing or evaluation. 

  • This specific evaluation does not include testing for ADHD, nor are psychiatric disorders ruled in or out. However, if the evaluator observes signs of other disorders, this will be discussed with you. 

  • Note: This evaluation is not intended for obtaining state disability services. If such an evaluation is needed, we can facilitate a referral to an evaluator. 

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Let's Navigate Your Family's Mental Health Journey Together

Sometimes, the right path can’t be discovered without first getting lost. If you’re feeling uncertain about which way to turn to get the help you need, we’re here for you at MedPsych. 

With a great team behind us, we’re offering our dedication and expertise to understanding you or your family’s mental health needs. We’ll happily explain our services to you, answer all your questions — and ensure that you feel confident and informed about the path ahead.

Connect with us today to chart the best course for your family’s wellbeing.

What Sets MedPsych Apart

Specialized Care

We’re specialized in providing treatment and therapy to specialized in children, adolescents, young adults and families. Guiding your journey using specific approaches and methods that cater to their level of development.


We focus on treating the patient, not just their symptoms. We spend time getting to know you as a person as part of our ongoing process, which allows for more meaningful results.

Comprehensive Treatment

Because we offer psychiatry, therapy and testing services we have the ability to support you with multiple experts if needed. many patients benefit from multiple disciplines at medpsych over time.

Collaborative Approach

We work as a team to support you as a patient, and we will collaborate with professionals including pediatricians, general medicine, school professionals and others as needed in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In many cases, a diagnosis of autism will enable a family to access and receive funding for important services to treat autism such as ABA Therapy, speech and language therapy and other services. A clinical diagnosis and report, like the one MedPsych provides, is often necessary for the approval of those services.

Families frequently encounter delays in diagnosis due to long waitlists, insurance complications, and lengthy waiting periods for initial appointments. These delays can hinder timely access to crucial interventions. MedPsych offers near-immediate availability for autism testing. Schedule a testing session today.

In cases where we are not able to conclusively diagnose autism but still suspect that it is present, we offer referrals for further testing. It’s important to note that this evaluation does not cover ADHD or psychiatric disorders, but observations of such conditions will be communicated. 

Our process includes completing an initial online questionnaire. This is then followed by a comprehensive in-person session that lasts 2 to 3 hours. Using our approach, this allows the MedPsych team to provide the evaluation results on the same day — and this helps in reducing waiting times. 

Our in-person evaluation also includes a clinical interview with the patient and parent or caregiver, a brief physical exam, and a discussion of findings and potential next steps. Finally, we will provide you with a detailed report and evaluation for autism spectrum disorder. We also identify symptoms that might be less obvious or masked — and we’ll discuss these with you during review.

Insights From MedPsych

In the MedPsych Blog, you will find insights on mental health topics informed by our real life experience with patients.

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