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Empower your journey with the information you need to support your child’s mental health journey. Here, you’ll find valuable insights regarding the world of mental and behavioral health, specifically for children and adolescents.

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ADHD Q&A Webinar with Dr. Hanna

Mohab Hanna, MD and Jonathan S. Byrne, MSW, LCSW answer your questions pertaining to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADHD Medications, and how parents can help.

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Is My Child Just Easily Distracted, or Could it Be ADHD?

By Dr. Mohab Hanna This article originally appeared in Bergen County Moms. Link here. Our children’s ability to focus is being continuously compromised.  There’s constant access to technology – cell phones, video games, Chromebooks for studying – the list goes on.  Kids’ developing brains are being trained to constantly shift

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Functioning Well with ADHD/Executive Function Disorder Webinar

Does your child have difficulty with getting started and staying on tasks? Have trouble with remembering assignments, deadlines and due dates? Are they scattered, disorganized and often feel overwhelmed? This webinar is for parents and children who have ADHD and/or executive function deficits. We will review Executive Functions or skills,

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Addressing Anxiety in Kids and Teens: Tips for Parents

By Dr. Mohab Hanna This article originally appeared in Bergen County Moms. Link here. Kids and teens are increasingly anxious as they navigate growing up. In our practice, we have seen the needs continue to rise, especially post-COVID. I suspect that kid and teen anxiety is even higher in areas

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Depression in Childhood and Adolescence

By Samantha Ceceli, PA-C with MedPsych Associates Approximately one in three adults in the United States have reported receiving a depression diagnosis in their lifetime. Unfortunately, this alarming statistic also extends to children and adolescents and continues to rise, as rates of depression have climbed from 3.1% to 4.0% between

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Dispelling the Myths: Understanding Autism Webinar

In today’s inclusive and diverse world, understanding is the key to fostering positive environments. In this webinar we work to foster understanding, dispel myths, and give you the tools to empower individuals with autism to reach their full potential. Whether you’re a teacher, caregiver, healthcare professional, or someone who simply

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School Anxiety and Avoidance Webinar

Is your child experiencing stress, worry, or fear related to school? There are increasing trends, especially after COVID, of students who experience anxiety related to school and also those who take steps to avoid attending. We discuss the causes and signs of school anxiety and avoidance. In addition, we discuss

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ADHD and Executive Function – Overcoming Procrastination and Boosting Productivity by Carol Eng

ADHD and Challenges with Procrastination ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is accompanied with an executive functioning disorder affecting children and adults. It frequently presents challenges in executive function skills, such as cognitive processes necessary for effective planning, organization, time management, and task completion. One common challenge experienced by individuals with ADHD

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