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Our Mental &
Behavioral Health Services

Our compassionate mental health experts in Ramsey, Old Tappan, Montclair and Ridgewood/Glen Rock offer specialized expertise in therapy, psychiatry and testing for children, adolescents, young adults and adults fostering growth and nurturing resilience.

Expert Therapy & Psychiatry Services

In order to grow and thrive, you need care that focuses on your specific needs. Through our comprehensive services, we provide compassionate guidance and expert treatment that encourages balance and develops lasting growth and resilience.

We offer a wide-range of mental and behavioral health services, from therapy and psychiatry to neuropsychological testing and autism & ADHD diagnosis. We take the time to deeply understand the specific areas of concern each individual faces, as well as their particular strengths and challenges, in order to develop a personalized treatment plan for your progress.

Our Mental Health Services in Ramsey, Old Tappan, Montclair, Ridgewood / Glen Rock,
and NYC Metro Area

To help children, adolescents, and young adults overcome their own unique challenges, we provide our expertise in holistic mental health care in Ramsey, Old Tappan and Montclair. From testing and diagnosis to treatment and therapy, each session is delivered with the aim of guiding your child toward the most balanced and authentic version of themselves, helping them cultivate the skills they need to flourish.


Our psychiatric team provides comprehensive evaluations, treatment plans and medication management tailored to each patient for a range of mental health conditions.


Therapy is offered in 1:1 settings as well as for families and groups, and aimed to provide types of treatment that is personalized to your challenges and needs.

Autism Testing

Early detection of autism spectrum disorder is critical for treating and accessing services. We offer comprehensive testing to diagnose the presence of autism with near-immediate availability.

ADHD Testing

Our comprehensive ADHD evaluation includes a psychiatric evaluation along with ADHD-specific assessments, to enable the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Neuropsychological Testing

Our neuropsychological evaluations provide an in-depth assessment of skills and abilities linked to brain function. This can be useful for a range of learning and psychological concerns and help address a child or adult’s needs at school, home or work.

Executive Function Coaching

Often used to help those with ADHD, our executive function coaching helps develop skills to be able to effectively manage and perform in aspects of life while living with ADHD or other conditions.

Questions about the best route of care?

Our friendly team will connect with you to identify your family’s specific needs, discuss our services, and answer any questions for the smoothest path forward.

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What Sets MedPsych Apart

Specialized Care

We’re specialized in providing treatment and therapy to specialized in children, adolescents, young adults and families. Guiding your journey using specific approaches and methods that cater to their level of development.


We focus on treating the patient, not just their symptoms. We spend time getting to know you as a person as part of our ongoing process, which allows for more meaningful results.

Comprehensive Treatment

Because we offer psychiatry, therapy and testing services we have the ability to support you with multiple experts if needed. many patients benefit from multiple disciplines at medpsych over time.

Collaborative Approach

We work as a team to support you as a patient, and we will collaborate with professionals including pediatricians, general medicine, school professionals and others as needed in the process.

Join the MedPsych Team in Ramsey, Old Tappan, Montclair & Ridgewood / Glen Rock

Interested in joining our incredible team of experts in Ramsey, Old Tappan and Montclair? We are looking for psychiatrists and therapists who are passionate about guiding children and adolescents toward mental and behavioral wellness. While working together with a friendly team of like-minded professionals, you can rest assured that you are making a difference.

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In the MedPsych Blog, you will find insights on mental health topics informed by our real life experience with patients.

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